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In 1955, four local independent grocers were united by a common goal- compete with national industry giants by providing neighborhood-friendly service, high quality products, and the very lowest prices possible. These four local grocers later joined a group of Akron-area independent grocers, who had previously established Betsy Ross Foods, and the merge resulted in the creation of Sparkle Markets.

The newly developed Sparkle Market group proved strong and successful. The owners were able to advertise, price, and buy efficiently as one entity while maintaining their independent identities, remaining "big enough to serve you; small enough to care." This unique unity awarded the group additional leverage in buying power and attracted many new group members throughout their expansion in the fifties and early sixties.

There are currently 18 Sparkle Markets across Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania that continue to operate with the same underlying principals of friendly service, quality products and low prices. Storeowners comprise the Sparkle Market Board of Directors and is led by President Vince Furrie Jr. of Village Sparkle. The integrity and honest, neighborly philosophy of the group is evident in Furrie's words, “Sparkle ownership has proven strong and successful because its owners have stayed together. Sparkle has grown from within, from fathers to sons and daughters. This is the heart of Sparkle independent grocers.”

The legacy of Sparkle Markets is perfectly portrayed through the highly recognizable Sparkle icon, 'Sparky the Grocer'. For over 50 years, Sparky has displayed the clean-cut image of the passionate, hardworking, hands-on storeowners and continues to appear in stores, advertisements, and packaging to date. Sparkle stores are also proud to continuously play an integral part in the communities they serve by supporting local charities and sponsoring area events. After all… We’re your Sparkle!

As members of the Sparkle Markets Association, Inc., each locally owned and operated Sparkle Market store pledges a commitment to the following:

We are dedicated to providing every customer with a clean, friendly shopping environment. All of our goods and services will be offered at an exceptional value and with the highest standards in mind, while emphasizing top-quality meat and fresh produce.

We are dedicated to providing a fair, challenging and rewarding work environment that is free of discrimination, while stressing our dedication to customer service.

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the neighborhoods we serve.